Life Sucks!

Life Sucks! That was the view I had for such a long time. I couldn’t tell you how many times I said those words. Life Sucks! I spent a good part of my life in a mind state that was not in any way healthy for me. From a young age I saw the world differently and always felt that I didn’t belong and wasn’t good enough. I had what I saw as a heap of crap happen in my childhood that lead my onto a very troubled path. As a teenager I went off the rails pretty early and spent a bit of time living on the streets. At the time it was certainly not a positive experience but looking back now I realise that it taught me some valuable lessons in life.

When you feel like your world has fallen apart and there seems to be a never-ending road of nothing but more shit coming your way, it is so hard to see your way out of it.

If you are not happy with your life and where you are at, I promise that if you truly want to change, then anything is possible. I know because I did it.

Many of our troubles begin as children. The way we are conditioned and taught to think and act can impact our well-being immensely. The way our minds interpret events and situations can vary significantly from person to person. It’s amazing how two children can have the same experience but both view that experience in a different way. How we choose to view each situation in our life determines how it affects us. It can affect us on a mental, physical and emotional level.

I remember as a child that certain behavior was not appropriate. So many times I heard my mother say”What will people think?”. It is amazing how that sentence can go so deep to creating lasting damage within our psyche. It is imperative that we learn to retrain our brains.  We have to learn not to care what other people think of us. The most important thing is what we think of ourselves. What do think about yourself?