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Not everything will relate to everyone when it comes to getting over anxiety or depression. Our aim is to bring you as much information as we can to help you. Hopefully you will find something that resonates with you that you can use. If it doesn’t relate to you then just move on to the next thing until you find what works best for you.

We are all wired differently. Sometimes it might just be one little thing that clicks within you to help you move forward. Our hope is that somewhere on our website you will find your light bulb moment. Once you do you can then use all of the other information here to help you to begin the journey to change your thought patterns to find your own happiness.

Happiness is something you find within you…not outside you!

I know it sounds like a cliché but ultimately this is our truth. If you are finding external happiness it is just like a band-aid; it is a temporary fix. Although it can help us to find some happiness with material things, they are just that…material. It is the non material, those precious moments of joy, a hug, a smile, a heartfelt compliment from a stranger that we can build on to help bring the happiness within.

I have found that giving that smile, that hug or that heartfelt compliment to a stranger made something in me shift. I began to feel better, and the more I did it the easier it became and the happier I began to feel within myself.

Why not try making those around you feel good and see how you feel by giving. Maybe even look in the mirror and give yourself a smile.
By giving, we begin to receive.

 If you can find that place of happiness within, then it will change your internal world as well as your external.

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Happiness Stuff Shine Your Light

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