Living In The Moment

Mindfulness – Why Living in the Moment Makes You Happier

Living in the moment. What does this mean? Many people are living in the past and don’t realise it. Living in the past can hold you back and can have detrimental affects on our health and our life.  And what about living in the future? If we are living in the future we can be filled with anxiety and stress about events that haven’t even happened yet. We need balance, so living in the moment is something we must focus on if we are to lead happy lives.

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is bringing your attention into the present moment. Being aware of your surroundings and really noticing what is happening in that moment. When we are practicing mindfulness, we are not living in the past or worrying about the future. It clears our mind and helps us to focus on the ‘right now’. By practicing mindfulness it can help us to relax and learn to enjoy the little things. It has been shown to reduce stress and proven effective with helping to overcome anxiety and depression. Living in the moment has been shown to be the best way to become and stay happy. Here is why.

We Can’t Change the Past

Almost every one of us has regrets about something in our past, but there is nothing we can do to change it. Instead of wasting our moments and energy in lament over situations that are long gone and no longer in our control to change, we can use the energy to make our present situation better. Learn what you can from the past, and then move on.

We Can’t Always Predict What the Future Holds

Don’t worry about the future, because you cannot predict what it will bring. You can only prepare to a certain extent, and being fearful about what tomorrow holds will only cause stress that will contribute to health and mental problems.

Live in the moment and choose to make the present your focus. Instead of fearing what repercussions your choices will bring to your future, make decisions based on what is good in your life right now at this moment. This will reduce tendencies towards depression and fear.

It Forces You to Be Present

When we think more about the past or the future than the present, we drift away from what is right in front of our eyes. Maybe your present involves a work project that demands your full attention and energy. Maybe your present involves small children with runny noses who need lunch put on the table.

When you embrace your present fully, you will get more out of the life you have. You will finally be able to stop sabotaging your present joy with fear about what may come next, or the guilt of decisions that are now in the past.

Be thankful for the faces in front of you now, and for the opportunities that are knocking on your door at this very moment. The moments you learn to cherish will enhance your future with the warm memories you will carry with you. You will also have no regrets over your misplaced focus.

Having a Balanced Outlook

Living in the present is important. Having a balanced focus is important too. When you think about the future, make the plans that are necessary for you to enjoy that time later. Remember that someday the future will be your  -“in the moment.” Don’t neglect your planning for the future, but don’t let it consume your life in an unhealthy way. Balance is key, and will help you not to feel stress due to too much focus on one area.

Living in the moment is one of the greatest things you can do for yourself. Happiness is achieved when we choose to live and enjoy where we are right now. It is now time to stop pining away for another time and place. By utilizing the time and the life you are given right here and now, you can learn to know true happiness.

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